connecting the world through personality

here at janet, we believe in truly connecting and helping the people and businesses that use our platform. we aren’t one of those sketchy social media companies that take people’s data and use it in ways without them knowing. we made it our mission to do things differently, so we did!

how it works

the only data that we are knowingly taking from our clients device is their location to better connect them to businesses and things to do nearby, as well as a token to send them notifications. so, as you can imagine, this would normally put a huge damper on conducting business online. not with us!

we created an a.i. technology that utilizes personality recognition software that perfectly places you, your business or brand infront of the exact people that want whatever it is that you have to offer.


we are taking applicatons for new janet partners!

if you feel like you or your company has something to offer our couples, whether it be online entertainment, a physical location, video workout routines, recipe sharing, relationship blogging… there are millions of examples of what would be a great fit for a janet partnership! even if you’re unsure, fill out the application below and tell us about what you have to offer to our wholesome community.

janet’s community standards are very high. so every applicant is vetted by a real person to ensure the partnership is a great fit for all involved. this makes spots very limited! early janet partners are not just free, but are also getting some really awesome perks that last the lifetime of our partnership. so, what are you waiting for?

we look forward to changing the world with you <3