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what’s important to us

your relationship

with the help of ai technology, janet helps you find the time to foster your relationship and discovers your personality and interests to build stronger connections.

your privacy

janet will not take all the data on your phone and shop it to the highest bidder. literally, the only information collected from your device is your location!

your health

keeping our users active and healthy is a top priority.  using the personalities of both you and your partner, janet attempts to schedule physical activities that suite you as a couple.

latest news

what is janet?

janet was created to be ethical and wholesome. not just in how it operates, but also in the content that it spreads across the globe.  how is janet ethical? there are only two bits of info that we collect directly from your device. your location this is so we can hook...

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"we are working very hard to make the app available for everyone, but currently i am only available on iOS. join our waitlist for Android users and to receive updates about my progress!''

- janet.